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Buyers guide for aftermarket replacement car seats.
by: Charles & Susan Truett
Aftermarket replacement car seats come in a variety of
colors and styles. This can be a tricky and potentially
costly decision to make. But it does not have to be. This
is no different than buying anything else. Just do a little
research. We are going to provide a few hints to make your
experience a little easier.

1. Buy from a reputable dealer.One way to check this is to
email them and ask a few questions before you purchase.
How long in business, who their supplier is, what support
do they offer etc.

2.Although you might be tempted to buy the lastest fad such
as new designs and such you are better off staying with
your original color and design as this will preserve the
value of your vehicle.

3. Before you purchase make sure they guarantee that your
new seat covers fit with a money back guarantee.

4. If you are not installing your new seat covers yourself,
find some one in your area to do this before ordering. This is because
some don't like to do this if you do not purchase from them.

5.If you are doing the installation yourself make sure some
concise instructions are included.Some also provide online
manuals to follow.

6.If you are a do-it yourself type person replacing your seat
covers should not be a problem.Basic hand tools are required.

7.Check with your supplier to see what is included with your
purchase and to see if any additional supplies are needed.

By following this short outline this will make your
purchase and installation of aftermarket replacement car seats
go much smoother.

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